Warranty at TheFixedGearShop

Not happy with the products? Within 14 days of receipt of shipment you can return your products for free. The product broke after 14 days? We can repair it. On most of our products we have a 2-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

Repairing within the warranty

A repair within the warranty is free. theFixedGearShop follows the warranty conditions from the manufacturer. In short, it means that a product in normal use can’t break down within 2 years. In some cases it is 1 year or half a year. You can find the exact warranty at the specifications on the product page. If your broken product follows these conditions we will take care of it. We make sure a new ready to use product is at your home as soon as possible. It’s not possible to repair products purchased from elsewhere than the FixedGearShop.

Repairing outside the warranty

Not every repair is within warranty conditions. Is your product broken after 2 years? Or is your product broken in result of fall, shock or moisture damage? We will gladly help you with this. However this is outside the warranty of TheFixedGearShop. The specialists on the return department will make you a repair offer, which has costs to it. No worries, we will not repair until you agreed to it.

Research costs

To repair a broken product an external repairer will have to conduct research. In case the repair is outside of the warranty the repairer of manufacturer will charge research fees. You only need to pay these fees when you don’t agree to the pricing (read below). To make these fees as clear as possible to you TheFixedGearShop handles a fixed price of €39,95. This way you want have unexpected surprises.


A repair costs money. In case the repair is outside the warranty we charge these repair costs. We will send you the price of this repair in a mail after the external repairer have conducted a research. We will start repairing only after you’ve agreed to this price. You can confirm this through email. After you’ve agreed, the research costs won’t get charged and you only have to pay the specified repair costs. If you don’t agree to these costs the repair gets cancelled. We’ll return the product back to you after payment of the research costs or the product will be destroyed eco friendly, free of charge.

Product defect after repair

This is very unfortunate, especially because you have missed it for a while already. We always offer 3 months of warranty on a repair. In case the product has been send back incomplete after repairs, contact us about this.

Questions? This is how you can reach us:

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